AIRE Outfitter I Inflatable Kayak

$70 UPS/gear allowance. The AIRE Outfitter I Inflatable Kayak is an excellent IK with a different look than most all other kayaks, it’s larger looking. It’s specs are about the same as the Hyside Padillac, yet the yet the Outfitter I appears wider, like a very deep Lynx I on steroids. The picture does not quite do it justice.

AIRE Outfitter I Inflatable Kayak
AIRE Outfitter I Inflatable Kayak

Odd looking or not, both the one person and two person Outfitter’s have been well liked by the customers we’ve sold them to. AIRE’s intended audience for the Outfitter’s was primarily commercial outfitters (thus the name) who want an ultra-stable boat for their customers, but the hull speeds are as good as the Lynx line so there is really little reason for private boaters not to look at the Outfitter. They are more stable, and draft less water than any other inflatable kayak line. This means you can go over very shallow passages without hanging up

AIRE Outfitter Inflatable Kayak 2014 Design Changes

AIRE Outfitter I Inflatable Kayak Use

Paddlers who might lean toward the AIRE Outfitter I Inflatable Kayak include those doing high flow runs with or without camp gear, where swims might be very unpleasant, or rank beginners who also find the thought of any swim to be frightening. With the extra width and low seating position, this model is at least as stable as the Hyside Padillac, long the go-to boat for those looking for the highest stability. But the AIRE Outfitter I Inflatable Kayak and Outfitter II, with their flatter underside, are less likely to hang up on sub-surface rocks than a Hyside. Outfitter’s also catch less eddy current, so the river won’t push you around as much as you might experience with the grooved undersides of NRS MaverIK and Hyside models.

AIRE Outfitter I Inflatable Kayak Specifications

The following specs are based on measurements of the last solo Outfitter we weighed and measured last year; they may have changed slightly. The weight is 36 pounds, the length maybe an inch shorter than AIRE’s specs at 9’10”, and the tubes are closer to 12″ than 12-1/2. The width on the one we checked was quite a bit less than what AIRE gives – about 38.5″ instead of 40. We cannot say with certainty that the beast will hold 400 pounds as AIRE says (some of these numbers come from what AIRE’s computer software predicts), but even if it maxxed at 350, that is a very high capacity for any solo model.

The price is the same as the solo Lynx: $1,399. The AIRE Outfitter I Inflatable Kayak features beefy, comfortable lift handles front & rear, a big towing D-ring, and large bras that have “bail holes” around their edges so any water that loads up in front on a steep drop will quickly run out. This might also be helpful if you were drying out the kayak standing against a tree at the take out.

Please note that any accessories purchased with your boat are 10% off, and also note that our shopping cart as yet does NOT reflect these discounts – it will show a higher total so we will adjust the bottom line before ringing the transaction through. If for any reason we manage to forget, we will enclose a refund check for the difference inside the box with your receipt. You get $70 back toward shipping and/or accessories.

Materials and warranty (10 years, no fault) are the same as the Lynx I model. In red, dark green, blue, yellow, and orange. Purple is special order, usually with a five to six week wait Try to always have a second color choice on this model.

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